Thursday, 13 October 2011

Letter 1

This is the first week of '52 Weeks of Mail'. What sort of a start did I get off to? Not what I intended ...

Part of my intention in doing this was to carve a bit of time out of my busy life to sit down, have a beverage, write a letter and contemplate. This was meant to happen on a Sunday or a Monday. It is now 00:35 on Thursday morning and I've just wrapped a PARCEL intended for the recipient. So posting is late this week. And I wrote the actual letter last night in bed at a very similar time. Ooooops!

However, the parcel is TOTES AMAZE and contains: a copy of the BFG, some Mars Bars and an inflatable. Who could this be for, you wonder? The recipient lives in the tropics and famously likes strong tea and once gave me a picture of Yoko Ono's front bottom (or was it her boobs?). When the parcel arrives, the identity will be revealed - perhaps? I'm not sure about it all really. Would you want someone writing about what they had written to you? It's gone a bit Bradshaw this late at night ...

I did very much enjoy writing the letter, and even though its composition didn't take place in the surroundings or with the stationary I wanted, it was fun. Next week, nevertheless, I am going to go somewhere glam and write on PROPER WRITING PAPER. Maybe even with a fountain pen?

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  1. This is a great idea - it's so easy to tell yourself that you're too busy to do the things you really want to do. What is life for if not to do these exact things? Most inspiring, and I'm looking forward to reading your letter writing adventures x