Thursday, 10 November 2011

Letter 5

This week, is THANK YOU week.

I try to say thank you to people as often as I can. 'Thank you for being my friend', 'Thank you for holding that door open' and silent thank yous all the time for the oppurtunities I'm lucky to enjoy. Sometimes, things happen out of the blue that make you super grateful for the kindness of other people ...

I've only discovered Etsy relatively recently. Anyone who knows me would expect wild abandon buying beautiful things from all the talented people (such as my friend Katie's shop). However I have been relatively restrained. One thing I did buy and love is a yellow scarf with pea pods on it! You can see it to the left. Yellow, white polka dots and the greenest of pea pods. It is the happiest headscarf in Leeds! In the same shop, were a set of cat plates, which I had in my basket for months, thinking I love them, but can I really? Can I?

Well what should happen, but they arrived on my doorstep. To be honest, I was super confused - did I pay for them in my sleep? Has my card been stolen and they are delivering the things of my dreams to me in my sleep? Are the leprechauns bringing cat plates instead of pots of gold? No ... something more extraordinary happened. The lovely Leslie of PicklesandMaynard saw I had them in my basket for ages and in this capitalisitc, egocentric, selfish society of ours - she just posted them because she suspected I liked them. How beautiful is that? I thanked Leslie online at the time, but always wanted to do more. So here is the more ... I sent my second 52 Weeks of Mail package. To say thank you for my beautiful gift, hoping that one of these goodies at least will strike a chord with her, and that as a whole it will show how very grateful I am!

I was lucky to be able to carve out the time this week and have a peppermint tea in the Corn Exchange - I chose there at the suggestion of my friend Steph. Central Leeds isn't that amazing for cafes, but she said it was generally quieter there, and it was. A really nice Oasis where I could spread all my crap out, write and cogitate. It also feels a bit like being inside a Zepellin!

Nothing beats saying thank you to a stranger from inside an airship!


  1. I started following your blog from 52 Weeks of Mail. I know Leeds is a huge place and the odds of a yes to this question are astronomical, but I have to ask anyway. Do you happen to know Eddie or Harry Lahan?

  2. Oh you're such a love. I LOVE your blog, and thanks for the mention :)that is also the MOST lovely example of the power of independent business I've heard in maybe forever. warmed amy heart.

  3. hello I saw you on FB of 52 weeks
    I have my pen pal list empty ... you need someone? if so send me an email to
    I am from Spain.

  4. thank u for linking my blog.. will link ur blog to mine as well.. :)