Thursday, 8 March 2012

Letter 22


Stamps! If you love post, then you'll probably care a little bit about stamps because they get your post to its destination. Or not. Not if you are in Filey and forget to put a stamp on some letters that you wrote. Not if the stamps were next to the letters, but you didn't stick them on. (Cruel world, they were even self-adhesive!)

So this week is more about letters lost (probably) than letters received. How do you feel when you know post has gone astray? Personally I feel awful. Last July was the first time I hadn't moved house in the summer for 8 years - housemates, uni, moving cities, it all adds up - so it's no surprise that over the years I've had a few telephone calls saying "Did you get x, because I sent it to y - oh you don't live there any more?" This was especially tricky with the tax disc for my car a few years ago. A couple of presents have gone astray, so I'm sorry if you sent me a thing and I didn't say thank you. It probably got eaten by the Mail gremlins.

With my situation, what should I do? Refund the postage to the recipient? Write again, this time stamping-firmly? Intercept (with some sort of space and time prism) the letters and stamp them myself? All difficult questions!

This week was also full of a couple of new post projects. One is called foodie penpals, the other is a music swopping project called Tape Recorded Delivery. These are exciting postal times and I shall definitely remember to stamp!

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