Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Letter 27

This week I decided on two things. One was to get back to my having a coffee in some peace and quiet and making space for myself manner. The other was to combine my other blog with this one. You will soon see ...

The first goal, I went to the cafe at the end of my road and had tea and a teacake. For breakfast. Yeah, luxury!

The secind was to write to my Auntie Sheila for Lincolnshire offal recipes, sepcifically how to make the top of her Pig's Fry go crunchy and sticky. This is because I am on a year-long quest of eating meat in more sustainable fashion. So offal it is. I'm writing about it here. I won't have a regular cut of meat until January next year. This knowledge has mostly made me fixated on bacon. In the words on Gandalf "None shall pass" and I'll be unable to enjoy it for many more months.

The upside is that I love black pudding and kidneys and liver and my diet is a lot of adventurous. I have also eaten a lot of slow cooked stew. This is a good thing. I like stew. I've got also got more people talking about offal in my circle of friends and I know a few people have tried some more things/bought liver instead of steak as a result. I think that is a good thing. Liver has bare loads of nutrients in it. So yes, the offal and the letter-writing have come together. I really want to collect more regional offal recipes before (to be frank) the people who habitually cook it pop off this mortal coil. So my intention is to write to Women's Institutes, because I'm sure they like letters and I'm sure they like offal. That didn't happen this week, but it will do soon!

Lastly, I have a sad thing to report. As you see above I like to write on multi-coloured A5 paper from Paperchase. I usually buy five sheets at a time to keep my supplies topped up. In there the other day the guy at the counter asked me what I was going to do with them - I said I was going to write letters. Then he said with great novelty in his voice "you must be the last person in the world to write letters" - I thought that was very sad - he clearly hadn't had a letter in a long time! I know I'm not the last person, not even the penultimate person, and that is a GOOD THING TOO.

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