Thursday, 7 June 2012

Letter 33

A while ago I mentioned joining a mix tape project called Tape Recorded Delivery. For their first set of swaps I was too busy to make a CD, but this month I totally found the time.

Part of the exchange is writing a little note explaining the mix. So its writing right? It's exchanging, through letterboxes.

As I made my mix, based on the theme of communication, I was reminded of being much younger and trying to make 'perfect tapes' to convey the most complex of emotions. This one was simpler. The track listing is below, in case you want to listen along to Hazel. I hope its OK. I was undecided as to whether Madonna was too much or not enough?

I feel like I've got quite a lot of thoughts about writing and listening and all that subliminal listening stuff. I've not quite got my head round it all enough, for it to make any sense, or for me to not sound like a self-conscious blogging nob. Anyway, here are some songs, arranged from ways of talking through to longer exchanges. But not that one.

Art Brut - Nag Nag Nag

Gene - Speak to me someone

Micah P Hinson - A call to arms

Kelis - Scream

The Whip - Sirens

Madonna - Papa Don't Preach

Etta James - Tell Mama

The National - Conversation 16

Sigur Ros - Hjartad hamast

Micah P Hinson - Letter to Huntsville

Shearwater - The Hunter's Star

Bjork - Virus

Noise for Pretend - It's oh so quiet

All thoughts are welcome ... the next theme is 'People and Places'. I think I know what my first/last song might be.

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