Sunday, 2 September 2012

Letter 47

On holiday this week I made a fantastic discovery in our bed and breakfast room - THEY PROVIDED HEADED NOTEPAPER. Oh yes! I got so excited. I spent quite a lot of my early teens wishing I lived in a time when people routinely used headed notepaper from different addresses. When I got a place at Oxford I was very excited as I'd heard that my college gave people their own notepaper. (I was wrong in this, unfortunately.)

Crab pot Cottage in Famborough came to my final rescue though. Not only did Daz and I get a really lovely last minute room there, but I availed my self of the notepaper and wrote to my Grandpa.

I then got excited in Flamborough village with posting in and Edward VII post-box! I'm sure I'd ever posted in one before #supergeek

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