Sunday, 25 December 2011

Letter 11 - Merry Christmas!

With working and getting ready to go to Norfolk for Christmas and going to parties and the cinema and having TOOTHACHE, I forgot to think about who to write to this week. However a compliment at my friend's party led me to decide on a lucky victim!

One thing I have noticed with all the eleven writings is that I findest it hardest to write when I know the person slightly. I don't know why that it - I guess for strangers everything you say is novel, and with people you know well, you know what bits of you they're interested in, but acquaintances are a whole different ballgame. I like it though ...

I had a really nice hour this evening, writing while Dr Who was on - family love it, I can't bear it - and just chilling out alone, thinking about highlights of the past year and having a nice festive sloe gin. I really enjoy the time the writing forces me to take out of the hustle and bustle. It is definitely something I need to incorporate into my New Year's Resolutions.

Merry Christmas and have a fantastic and prosperous New Year!

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